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the short story...

Get to Know Us

My name is Todd and I produce music and podcasts from Cambridge Sound Studios in South Philadelphia. I am good at engineering audio and manipulating it in Pro Tools. I have been engineering, mixing, mastering and producing for a long time.  I am still pretty good at playing a bunch of different instruments and writing music. Over the years, I've played in a ton of bands, put on lots of shows and recorded many bands, artists and podcasts. I love my family, friends and music (and you for reading about me). 

the super long story...


I am a Philadelphia-based audio engineer and producer, specializing in music and podcasts, with close to 20 years of professional experience. I am a lifelong musician, as well as a lifelong music fan and student. Music is deeply rooted in my soul and has been an integral part of my life since the very beginning. From an early age, I was encouraged to play instruments, and taught to appreciate and explore music freely. Thankfully, as a youth I was also allowed to watch MTV obsessively, commandeer family stereos and practice various instruments very loudly. In my teens, I began to dive deeply into the world of underground music and spent nearly all my time, money and energy into absorbing, collecting, playing, and learning independent and mainstream music, as well as promoting and attending shows and recording demos with friends. My college years found me at Drexel University’s “Music Industry” program, focusing on technology side of music. During my sophomore year at Drexel, I became an intern, working directly under Grammy-nominated producer/engineer, Jim Salamone. I remained working as an intern throughout the rest of my college career until graduation in 2007, when I transitioned to a full-time employee.

 As my professional experience snowballed over the next decade or so, I became the head engineer at Cambridge, playing a critical role in nearly every project that passed through the studio. The bulk of our work involved producing, engineering, editing, mixing and mastering music of nearly all genres, but we also produced podcasts, audiobooks, voiceovers and other various audio projects. Our clientele ranged anywhere from amateur to professional musicians and bands to corporate projects, and from local to international.  In addition to all my production duties, I was managing the studio and producing my personal projects and clientele. During this time, I also was an active musician, playing countless live gigs on various instruments (primarily drums or bass), as well as writing, recording and producing songs with bandmates and friends. ​

As a recording engineer, I contributed to a large majority of all Cambridge Sound Studios' output since the studio's creation in 2008.  In addition to engineering a variety of Philadelphia's musicians, I've also ran sessions with notable international artists/major label recording artists such as Bombay Bicycle Club (England), Sister Sledge/Kathy & Kim Sledge (USA), Anthony Green (USA), Catbite (USA), Bishop Briggs (UK), Alex Lahey (Australia), Ladyhawke (Australia), The Joy Formidable (UK), Victoria Canal (USA/UK), The Regrettes (USA), Screaming Females (USA), Speedy Ortiz (USA),  Dreamers (USA), Karma Parking (Ireland), Julie Slick/Echotest (USA/Italy), Ben Miller Band (USA), Cheers Elephant (USA), and have worked with notable session musicians such as  George "Spanky" McCurdle (Lady Gaga, Lauryn Hill), Adam Blackstone (Kanye, Jay Z, Eminem), Randy Bowland (Jill Scott, The Roots), Eric Slick (Dr. Dog, Taylor Swift), Crystal Torres (Beyonce, Kid Cudi), Julie Slick (Adrian Belew, Jerry Harrison, Crimson ProjeKCt) to name a few.  I have also worked under or assisted notable producers like Jim Salamone (Teddy Pendergrass, The O'Jays, Gladys Knight), Steve Greenwell (Joss Stone, Andy Grammar), Butch Ingram (Kool & The Gang, Patti Labelle), John Moyer (Disturbed, Adrenaline Mob), Marc Nelson (Boyz II Men, Az Yet) and Bart Shoudel (Beyonce, Katy Perry, Camila Cabella).​ As a musician I've performed all over the US in various festivals, concerts and shows with national touring acts and have appeared on countless recording projects on many different instruments. I was fortunate enough to have appeared as a musician on recordings with Julie Slick and Adrian Belew (Talking Heads, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Paul Simon),  Crystal Rovel Torres (Beyoncé, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Lupe Fiasco), Randy Bowland (Jill Scott, Backstreet Boys, The Roots) and many, many more talented musicians.  In 2017, Derek Krzywicki and I created the critically acclaimed indie-soul-pop group, Secret American. ​

Like many, the pandemic forced me to reinvent myself after a couple months of desperation. When in-person studio sessions halted and my backlog of work dried up, I was forced to pivot within the audio world and find something that I could do remotely. Thanks to some good luck and a good friend, I ended up taking a part-time job as a podcast editor and mixer for a show I had previously co-wrote the theme song for. This show was called “Bald Talk with Brian Huskey & Charlie Sanders” and it was on Will Ferrel’s “Big Money Players” podcast network thru iHeartMedia.  Shortly after my start on “Bald Talk”, I was offered an additional job as a producer, editor and mixer on “This Is Important”, a beloved comedy podcast on iHeartMedia featuring the cast and creators of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics” Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm & Kyle Newacheck... It's was an honor to help launch the show and I've loved contributing to it and working with the team ever since... the show is still being produced on a weekly basis and is super funny, I recommend you check it out! In the fall of 2023, the "This is Important" podcast took me on a very long tour, serving as their dedicated audio engineer, front-of-house and monitor mixer, as well as live show achivist. In 2024, "This is Important" won the award for "Best Comedy Podcast" at the iHeart Media Podcast Awards. 

Since 2021, I have been operating as an independent producer working out of Cambridge Sound Studios and am currently producing many artists, including my own group, Secret American... Check out some of the releases I've contributed to here​​


If you're interested in any kind of audio production please shoot me an email: 

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